1230你问我答 醉酒毛子说下个版是8.11

1230你问我答 醉酒毛子说下个版是8.11

1.坦克世界8.10测试服 版本新车数据一览
2.坦克世界8.10消息 日系线8-10级车图赏
3.坦克世界8.10补偿内容 各系坦克小整合
4.坦克世界8.10更新内容 苏系9、10级新车

  Not much today. Players were “whining” more than usual and SerB was just skipping the questions



  - responsibility of clans for the behavior of their members won’t be implemented (SS: as in, automatically punishing the clan is a member misbehaves)

  - 军团为自己成员的行为举止负责?不会有这样的规则(SS:如果有了,军团里行为不当的人将会自动受到惩罚)

  - apparently the current aiming system is sufficient for the game (SS: some player was asking about more complicated system, like non-linear aiming times over distances)

  - 稍有常识的人都能看出,目前的游戏内的瞄准系统是够用的(SS:有些人想要更复杂的系统,举个栗子,根据距离的非线性瞄准时间)

  - there was no hidden vehicle nerf (SS: in 8.10 apparently)

  - 没有偷偷削弱某辆车(SS:8.10里)

  - there was actually a TD based on the IS-4 hull planned, there was also a TD planned on the WZ-111 hull (not 113 though)

  - 事实上,有个基于-4车体的TD计划,还有个基于WZ-111车体(不是113)的TD计划。

  - Q: “What’s the point of waiting for the start of the battle for 2 minutes?” A: “a) putting a team together b) loading of the map for those, who have worse computer than you”

  - 问:开场前等待两分钟的意义是什么啊?


  - 122mm HE shells from D-25 do less HE damage than 120mm US shells because of the “construction of the shell” (SS: this is probably true – when researching various guns, one of the data required is the amount of filling of the HE shells, which probably means this is taken into account)

  - D-25的122mm的HE造成的伤害比美帝120mm的要少,这是因为“炮弹结构”的问题(SS:大概是真的-当研究各种各样的炮的时候,其中一个必要数据就是HE蛋的装药量,也许是把这点考虑进去了)

  - generally, SerB is satisfied with the way HE shells work

  - 大体上来说,大SerB对现在HE的机制感到满意。

  - there is no turret armor behind the IS-4 mantlet

  - -4的炮盾后面没有炮塔装甲

  - it’s possible that when the multiturret mechanism is implemented, you will be able to fire with the high caliber machineguns (like the 12,7mm AAMG on the top of some vehicles for example), but SerB adds that it will do you little good

  - 当引入多炮塔机制的时候,有可能允许你使用车顶的机枪(比如一些车上面的12.7mm AAMG机枪),但是大SerB还说,这对你的帮助不是很大


  Today, a bug was detected in the 7/42 code, allowing under certain conditions to use tier 9 and 10 tanks in team battles. I assume the same bug probably appeared on EU and US server too, since the patch was the same


  E-75乱入7/42模式,how terrible

  The bug will be hotfixed, but according to the Russian developer, accounts abusing this bug will be permabanned (a few Russians already were actually, a list of who was publicly displayed for once). So… just don’t do it.



  Edit: On 31.12.2013, patch 8.10.2 will come out, apparently fixing this thing. Here is a screenie of one of the Russians, that got permabanned.


  And such is the fate of the cheater (it says “blocked permanently”):


  - exclusive tanks will go primarily to clans. Random battle players will get exclusive tanks via missions similiar to the current IS-6 one (eg. heavy grind)

  - 独有坦克主要是给军团的玩家。随机战场(普通)玩家想要的话就要做类似现在得-6的任务(很麻烦的那种)


  - IS-6 won’t get a penetration buff

  - 6不会有穿深上的加强

  - unification of two accounts won’t be implemented

  - 合并两个账号?不会有

  - next patch will not be 9.0, but 8.11 – it will contain UI features, such as disabling the chat

  - 下个版本不是9.0,而是8.11——包括UI(交互界面)特性,举个栗子,能禁聊天

  - historical battles: the battle of Prokhorovka and the battles around Lake Balaton are planned (in the first wave). There will be the respawn mechanism and there will be non-equal balance (for example one team has 7 tanks and the other has 30). At first, there will be the same maps as there are currently in game, but eventually there will be maps made exclusively for historical battles

  - 关于历史战:普罗霍洛夫卡战役和在巴拉顿湖附近展开的战斗正在计划中(第一波)



  - when logging on the test server, you won’t have all premium tanks at your disposal in your garage, you’ll have to buy them like it was until now

  - 当你登测试服的时候,你的车库里不会有所有的金币车任你支配,你也要像现在这样买


  - garage battles will be in WoWp

  - 风筝世界也会有车(机)库战

  - it’s possible garage battles as a separate game mode will appear in WoT

  - 车库战有可能作为一个单独的游戏模式出现在撸炮世界中。

  - T-44-85 will come in 8.11

  - T-44-85将会在8.11登场

  - newbies have a special MM now: for 20 first battles, newbies play only with other newbies (SS: eg. not sealclubbers)

  - 现在新手有特别的分房保护:前20场,新手只会遇到新手(SS:没屠幼的)

  - there will most likely be new premium tier 8 tanks

  - 很有可能出新的8级金币车。

  - small machineguns will not shoot in the game

  - 游戏里的小机枪是不能开枪的。

  - T95 will not recieve a speed buff

  - T95 buff点速度?少年平时多撸撸炮,别做白日梦了。

  - Italian branch will not be a separate tree, it will be a part of the EU tree

  - 意呆利线不是独立的,它会是欧洲联合线的一部分。

  - There will be a new game mode for clans in 2014

  - 14年会有新的军团游戏模式。

  - There will be a possibility to choose map in “clan battles”(???probably meant Team battles)

  - 也许能在“军团战斗”(啥?你想说7V7吧?)里选择地图

  - There will not be a separate server for noobs

  - 不会给菜鸟们建个单独的服务器。

  - very soon there will be a WoT Blitz stream

  - 很快就会有坦克世界:闪电战的steam。

  - Mac OS WoT client is being worked on, it will be available soon, currently it’s being tested internally

  - Mac版的坦克世界客户端正在做,很快就能用了,现在在内测。

  - T95E6 will be a reward for Clans with 90 percent probability

  - T95E6 将会是军团奖励,有百分之九十的可能性。

  - WG is experimenting with night battles, currently, there is a new system of spotting and visibility being tested internally

  - WG正在实验夜战模式,在内测阶段,目前有新的点亮和视觉系统。

  - WoT Xbox will be released in the beginning of 2014

  - 坦克世界Xbox版将会在2014年年初登场。

  - Chaffee branch prolongement won’t be in the next patch

  - 霞飞的延长线不会在下个版本出来。


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