0403你问我答 虎式新增可选变种悬挂


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  Check out Chieftain’s article about T28 deployment in Korea!

  无聊的童鞋可以看下Chieftain写的T28 deployment in Korea!

  - in test 3, HD Centurion 7/1 should appear

  百夫长7/1 高清模型会在3测出现

  - gun damage (alpha) is an arbitrary number, two guns of the same caliber do not have to have the same alpha


  - the same gun can have different rates of fire in different vehicles, the difference lies in “setup of the combat compartment”

  同一门炮在不同的车上会有不同的射速, 不同的原因在于战斗室的配置

  - in current round of 9.0 test, there is a bug where users of AMD processor PC’s suffer from disconnects, this will be fixed in next round of test


  - Storm is aware that the weakspot of current WoT graphics is the grass and trees/bushes, he mentioned increasing the radius of grass render and the multi-layer grass


  - apparently, the developers dealt with the bug (appearing on current live server), where due to strong unsynchronization between server and client reticle (aim circle), shots were flying wildly out of the client circle


  9.0: HD Tiger Suspension

  Hello everyone,

  Storm posted the new look of Tiger I suspension for 9.0, which was apparently changed from the test iteration and I have absolutely no idea, what they changed. Apparently, players whined about some element of it (something with the roadwheels and them lacking “plasticity” if I understand correctly, as in – the screws and bolts were not visible enough)

  Storm 贴了虎式新的履带模型图片,与现在的相比有些变化,但SS没看出来什么,玩家们抱怨部分履带的元素,比如负重轮可缺乏可塑性,上面的螺丝看不清楚。


  From the discussion:

  - it’s possible that the other type of Tiger suspension (roadwheels with rubber bands) will come as an alternative hull


  - this will appear apparently in next round of test


  - next round will come this week


  - Storm admits that when they made the M6A2E1 model the first time, they collected wrong references, it will be corrected, when it’s remade to HD (SS: I have no idea why they actually bring this tank up all the time)

  Storm 承认首次做M6A2E1 时,收集引用的数据是错误的,这个会在做成高清模型期间修正。

  - M6A2E1 “is premium and hightier, this sharply increases his chances” (to be reworked sooner)

  M6A2E1 是金币车且是高级的,这大大增加了它尽快重做HD的几率。

  - Storm confirms that the entire TD class will lose its class bonus to camo after firing a gun

  Storm 证实所有的TD开炮后都将失去伪装加成。

  - developers are working on improved track movement physics, it will come later (this year)


  - after T34 (US prem heavy) is reworked, it will recieve the later 120mm gun barrel model

  金币车T34 重做后,它的炮管模型会是下图所示的样子。


  - dirt (tracks and roadwheels getting dirty) will come as a dynamic option, depending on the ground type (snow, field etc.), this does not depend on Havok introduction


  - Havok will come earlier than in 9.6

  Havok 引擎会在9.6版本之前和大家见面。

  - new grass and tree render will come this year


  - apparently, noone really remembered to add spotting damage to player statistics, so it wasn’t done


  - M103 roadwheels have fewer polygons than other roadwheels simply because there are too many (and noone will zoom closely on them in the game anyway)

  M103 负重轮多边形数量相比其它车辆上的要少一些,因为它的负重轮太多的缘故,并且也没人会在游戏中放大镜头去仔细看这玩意

  - Storm reacting on players complaining about FPS loss in 9.0: “Reduce graphic settings” (and “on minimal settings there will be no FPS drop”)

  Storm 对玩家抱怨9.0丢帧的回应:图像设置调低吧,还有在最低设置下就不会出现帧数下降的问题了。


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