Storm大量爆料 8.11版本顶级TD或将大砍

  Hello everyone,


  Storm made another blog post, where he encourages players to ask about the New Year “KTTS” edition (the one with HD graphics introduction). Here’s what was answered in the discussion:


  - the turrets will fly (after ammo rack explosion) off even for those with Havoc disabled, as it is calculated server-side


  - the issue whether it will be possible to shoot a house and bury someone in the rubble is still being investigated, but this will most likely not come


  - behavior of the tank will not change by the introduction of the independent suspension, the independent suspension is only client-side visual, the movement pattern will be the same for all the models, because the server doesn’t have the capacity to calculate every roadwheel movement independently


  - in historical battles, the amount of ammo carried will be similiar to the real values (SS: limited amount of gold ammo)


  - currently, Wargaming is planning to increase crit chances by HE shells (!), it’s possible they will be also further rebalanced otherwise


  - the situation where you wait for the MM for (let’s say) 30 seconds to put your vehicle into battle even if there are tons of vehicles of your tier in queue is due to the fact one of the main MM rules is the even spread between battle tiers (SS: as in, the MM is waiting to put your tier 6 tank into tier 8 battle even though there are plenty of other tier 6 tanks in the queue)


  - developers haven’t decided yet, whether the HD client will be a special client (as in, two clients – one for HD, one regular) or whether there will be simply one client and HD textures will come in a separate (optional) texture pack


  - Storm states that the option with two client sucks, because there would have to be double testing, double client build assembly etc.


  - the autodetection of settings mechanism will be reworked


  - there will definitely be two renders (improved and old) and two sets of content (regular and HD textures)


  - developers haven’t decided yet whether debris from buildings will be able to damage your vehicle


  - the heavier the flying turret (after ammo rack explosion) will be, the more damage will it do to you if it lands on you


  - Storm states that the fact Maus turret would fly off (if only a bit) after ammo rack explosion is realistic.


  - tier 10 TD nerf (SS: reduced alpha) will come in 8.11, some TD’s will not keep their DPM (SS: that means some TD’s will have their DPM nerfed too by not only reducing the alpha, but also by not compensating the reduction by ROF buff)


  - apparently, 9.0 will also bring new sounds for the vehicles (for movement and engine, not guns), such as the realistic “clanking” of tracks (Storm: “Something like that”), there will also be (“when it’s done it’s done”) turret rotation sound

  9.0会带来车辆的新声音(车辆移动以及发动机,并不是炮声),例如履带的“叮当响”的声音(Storm:“类似于这些的玩意”),还会有(“when it’s done it’s done”)炮塔转动的声音

  - it’s not yet clear when will new reworked chat system come (resp. it’s not clear whether it will be in 9.0 or not)


  - new tier 8 premium vehicle will not come anytime soon – in one of the recent streams, some community guy (Evilly?) mentioned something about a new tier 8 premium coming soon, but Storm categorically states that it is him, who decides what tank gets released when and that tier 8 premium is not planned for near future


  - there are no plans apparently for PhysX introduction


  - armor of turrets flying off will not be considered apparently (Storm states that the ripped off turret will act “just like a destroyed vehicle – impenetrable”), but it will be possible to tip them over on their roof


  - “T95 will be a special tank, not regular” (SS: according to this, it’s possible the second American medium branch might not get the T95 as a top tank at all – who knows?)


  - there are no plans for 2014 to introduce the possibility to penetrate dead tanks (wrecks) – Storm: “And do we need it? It could change the gamplay strongly at some points” – later, he adds: “We discussed the option of having penetrable wrecks – it wouldn’t stress the server much. The real question is – why the hell would we do it?”


  - there are no plans to introduce visual “aging” of the vehicle (SS: as in, a vehicle used a lot would look worn out), the only thing that is planned is the tank getting dirty in battle


  - the damage and penetration of shells in historical battles will not differ from those in random battles, apart from the amount of ammo carried, which will be set in advance (apparently a T-34/76 will carry half of the shells as AP, half as HE and several pieces of gold ammo)


  - it’s not yet known, what kind of computer will be required to run the HD client


  - KV-5 will most likely not be buffed or nerfed anytime soon, Storm states that its stats and profitability are fine


  - the first part of the HD graphics will come in 9.0


  - Q: “How will the historical battle interface look?” A: “You’ll see on the common test


  - Storm “wants to level the profitability of all tier 8 premium tanks to the current Jagdtiger 88 level” (SS: this most likely means an improvement to the majority of tier 8 prems, as Jagdtiger 88 is currently third from above in profitability, according to Storm)


  - ammo rack explosion will apparently not damage nearby tanks (Storm states that the explosion is generally contained within the tank), it will not also be possible to make the ammo rack detonate after the tank is dead


  - large buildings will not be completely destroyable, they will crumble, but their “skeleton” (framework) will remain


  - when demolishing a building (second floor), this will affect most likely the artillery shell trajectory (SS: as in, if you demolish the second floor, it will stop being an obstacle for artillery shell flight)


  - the optimization for weak computers and the new graphics are both developed at the same time


  - 8.11 will not bring much in the way of optimization: WoT will start running on new BigWorld version (2.4.1) and there will be some small memory and processing optimizations


  - more graphic optimization will appear in 9.0: “New graphic features will eat FPS and in order not to fall out of the set boundaries, we’ll have to optimize”


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