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   Hello everyone,


  as you might have noticed, Wargaming EU took some steps in the right direction this week. First, what I really like is the Operation Bagration special – historical specials are a good thing :)


  Another good thing are the Bovington packages. There are three and they are not cheap (two 50 EUR ones and one 35 EUR), but the good thing is, the entire proceeds go for the Bovington museum tank restoration and that’s a worthy thing. If you feel like buying some gold anyway, might do it as well now.


  There are three things I would like to point out about.


  First: the LeFH artillery is – as far as arties go – quite overpowered, because it was the ONLY artillery (well, maybe along with the premium Sexton, but there I am not sure) not to be influenced by the massive artillery nerf from last year and as such, it is currently pretty overpowered (statistics and characteristics can be viewed here):


  If you are thinking of buying it, yea, it’s a good purchase.


  Second: regarding the restoration post – it says “Jagd Kanonon – A mighty German tank destroyer in need of a revamped interior, among many other repairs. Wouldn’t it be something to see this beast in motion?” – well, first, it’s obviously not called “Jagd Kanonon” (gonna call it Jagd Kanomnomnomnomnom from now on) – it was called Jagdpanzer Kanone (or Kanonenjagdpanzer, Kjpz) and it was anything but mighty – it was a post-war effort to utilize the obsolete M47 Patton 90mm guns on a turretless chassis. It had one very nasty feature though, it fired two types of shells – 90mm HEAT (cca 300mm RHA penetration) and 90mm HESH. By the way, for those who are wondering, it’s the same gun as the RU251 upcoming tier 8 German scout uses.

  第二:关于欧服论坛上修复坦克的帖子,它叫“Jadg Kanonon”-一辆强大的德国坦克歼击车现在需要修复它的内部以及其他多处地方。看见这只猛兽奔跑起来不是挺好吗?-不过首先,这玩意并不叫 “Jagd Kanonon“(我现在想叫它Kanomnomnomnomnom)-它叫做Kanone坦克歼击车(或者Kanonenjagdpanzer,K突子),这货说到底是很强力的。 它是战后车辆,用的是过时的M47巴顿底盘,装了根90mm炮上去。这根炮有个非常恶心的功能,那就是它能射2种弹药:90mm HEAT(300mm的穿深)和90mm HESH.顺便提一句,为什么有人会想知道这些呢,因为这根炮就是将来会加入游戏的RU251的炮。(夭寿啦,D系能打HESH了)

  Third: this is considerably less funny and a thing I do not understand. This is the Bovington “M4〃, supposed to be restored – as posted in the article:



  As you can see, it’s the 76mm version of the M4A3 I think, used to shoot the upcoming Fury movie. What I do not understand – why does the tank need a restoration, when they clearly used it to shoot the movie and it was moving just fine in it? Weren’t the moviemakers supposed to pay for using this tank in the movie? The text says “needs its tracks replaced, amongst other repairs, in order to get rolling again” – so the moviemakers broke it/worn it out and the museum doesn’t even insist on them repairing the damage?


  I am not sure I understand and the only explanation I found in the discussion by The_Challenger (British WG military expert) was along the lines of “it’s complicated”. Make no mistake, this tank does deserve restoration and the packages are okay in my opinion, but I would like to know, what the hell happened there…

  我不确定我的理解是否是正确的,在我跟WG的英国专家 The_Challenger讨论之后发现这情况毕竟复杂。毫无疑问,这坦克确实值得被修复,在我看来,礼包也确实值得一买买买买买买买。不过我真的想知道那边的坦克博物馆发生什么事情了..


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