0328你问我答 所有高清模型会逐步加进游戏

  Hello everyone,

  as you probably might have noticed, the beta-tester account but, not allowing some old beta-testers to access the test server, was not fixed (at least in some cases). Currently, there is no ETA on a fix.


  - developers state that in historical battles, having “pre-determined” setups (like always 2 Tigers, 3 Panthers and 5 Panzer IV’s for example) really limits the replayability of the historical battle (same map, same teams…)


  - developers are aware of the DirectX 12, but Storm states that there is not enough hardware or players with it and it will take a few years to accumulate


  - Storm: “We didn’t promise additional fuel tanks on Maus”

  Storm: 我们没保证过要在老鼠上添加附加油箱来着

  - the second Tiger suspension variant will be introduced as an alternative hull



  - AMX 50B will be reworked to HD definitely this year, there are however no “normal” photos/drawings of it, so it was postponed a bit, developers will look for more reference

  AMX 50B肯定会在今年做成高清模型,暂时还没有找到关于它的图片资料,因此晚了一些,开发人员会寻找更多的参考资料。

  - Storm states that all the models will definitely not be reworked to HD in 2014, but they will try to put as many of them in as possible

  Storm 表示想要在今年把所有车都做成高清模型肯定不行,但他们会尽其所能做的更多

  – the mass-production remodelling system is still not set up yet, because there are more complications than developers expected around it


  - apparently, it’s Storm personally, who picks tanks to be reworked to HD, based on following criteria: their fame, their popularity, tier and premium status

  Storm 个人挑选高清车辆基于以下几个标准:名声,受欢迎程度,等级以及金币车与否。

  - WT E-100 won’t be reworked to HD soon

  WT E-100 不会很快就做成高清版

  - for now, Storm can’t say which models will exactly be made HD in 9.1, but IS and Churchill definitely will be amongst them, IS-3 too if I understand it correctly

  暂时,Storm没有确切的说明哪些车会在9.1版本做成HD模型,但IS和丘吉尔肯定会,如我理解正确的话,IS3 也会。

  - free camera won’t be enabled within hangar, nor will players be able to move around it – Storm explains that the way this is done is that a lot of things in the hangar are cleverly simplified in order to increase hangar’s performance – but move the camera a tiny bit and it everything will start look ugly


  - there are no plans to allow players to customize the wear and tear of their tanks (SS: as in, players selecting how rusty they want their tank), but dynamic dirt (tanks driving through mud get dirty) is planned


  - Storm states that not all visual bugs by far were fixed in this round of tests

  Storm 表示这轮测试中并不是所有视觉上的bug都得以修复。

  - tank selection based on maps in team battles – in patch 9.2 or 9.3


  - on high details, lower FPS in 9.0 is acceptable according to developers


  - hangar low FPS will be fixed (it was a bug with lighting, developers found it already)


  - it is not sure yet, how many HD models per patch will be the “usual” number, because the developers haven’t streamlined the production yet


  - the “odd lighting” of tracks will remain


  - Storm confirmed that each HD model has cca 90 megabytes, so in the future, the HD models of tanks will have 25+ gigs (apparently, Titanfall has 55 gigs and it’s normal)

  Storm 证实每个高清模型大约90M,那么以后所有车辆的高清模型会有25G以上的大小(这是正常的情况,Titanfall 这个游戏还有55G)


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